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Sight in the Dark

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When recently divorced Cleo Kemp inherits a house in the small town of Crimson Falls, she jumps at the opportunity to start over in the seemingly idyllic location. A photographer struggling to find work, Cleo stumbles into the woods looking for a dead body announced on her police scanner. But she’s not prepared for what she finds -- the body of her handyman, and the only man in town who has seen her at her most vulnerable, Officer Will Truman.

Still reeling from being discarded by her second husband, Cleo has a hard time with trust, keeping everyone at arm’s length. But when she’s thrown into assisting Officer Truman with the case, she becomes consumed by the investigation. As she learns that every neighbor harbors dark secrets, she starts to wonder how she can really call Crimson Falls home, and if she can trust the man she’s starting to care for.

When the killer strikes again, closer to home than Cleo ever thought possible, she grows desperate to learn the truth. But in a town riddled with secrets, lies, and mysteries, is there such a thing?

Praise for Sight in the Dark

SIGHT IN THE DARK is a perfectly paced, page turner of a murder mystery. In this debut novella, A.M. Ialacci introduces us to Crimson Falls, a small town full of colorful characters and dark secrets. Though murder isn't an unusual occurrence in the cursed town, it is unsettling for its newest resident, Cleo, and she's determined to track down the killer--even when her investigation brings danger too close to home. It's a captivating read.  

— Chrissy Lessey, Author of the Crystal Coast Series

A fun, quirky, mystery with a hint of a love story that will keep you guessing right up until the end.

— Julie Strier, Author of Dangerous Contracts 1 & 2

Sight in the Dark is a well thought out mystery, with plenty of clues, and intuitive characters to lead you right into a shocking conclusion!

— Rachel Renee, Author of the Savannah PD Series

(A) mesmerizing story that grabbed me at the first page.

— Diana, GoodReads review

I feel like I am repeating myself, but holy crap! This town just keeps getting more captivating. Ms. Ialacci is new to me, and by looking her up this might be her debut. And what a debut it is! Amazing. I can't wait to read more about this town, and more from this author!

— Crystal, GoodReads review

This book in the Crimson Falls series had me cracking up. I loved little miss trying to set herself up in this crazy town. Trying to find out if the curse is true and puts herself smack dab in the middle of all of the action. She's got a bad case of the can't help it's and a growing crush on the deputy. But never fear the curse is near and dear and well of course the day is near. Great characters and an awesome twist make this a wonderful addition to the Falls.

— Teri, GoodReads review