diamonds, teak, and murder

Upon the sudden deaths of her parents in a car accident, credit fraud investigator Allie Fox traded her fast-paced life in Chicago for a boatyard bookkeeping job in sleepy Carteret County, North Carolina. It is a huge transition, especially as she is now the sole caregiver for her younger autistic brother. But when the yard foreman mysteriously ends up dead at work, she can’t resist being pulled into the mystery.

Plenty of people had reason to want Ty Guthrie dead, but he had been kind to her as a kid, and even the sheriff’s department thinks there may have been foul play. Despite the possibility of alienating all of her co-workers and risking her livelihood, Allie becomes a consultant on the case to discover the murderer in their midst.

The deeper she digs, the more secrets she unravels, and the killer turns his sights on her, and even worse, her brother. At odds with law enforcement and the DA while a massive hurricane bears down on the coast, the only thing that matters is that her brother is in danger. With everything to lose and time running out, it’s up to Allie alone to stop the killer, or die trying.


sight in the dark

When recently divorced Cleo Kemp inherits a house in the small town of Crimson Falls, she jumps at the opportunity to start over in the seemingly idyllic location. A photographer struggling to find work, Cleo stumbles into the woods looking for a dead body announced on her police scanner. But she’s not prepared for what she finds -- the body of her handyman, and the only man in town who has seen her at her most vulnerable, Officer Will Truman.

Still reeling from being discarded by her second husband, Cleo has a hard time with trust, keeping everyone at arm’s length. But when she’s thrown into assisting Officer Truman with the case, she becomes consumed by the investigation. As she learns that every neighbor harbors dark secrets, she starts to wonder how she can really call Crimson Falls home, and if she can trust the man she’s starting to care for.

When the killer strikes again, closer to home than Cleo ever thought possible, she grows desperate to learn the truth. But in a town riddled with secrets, lies, and mysteries, is there such a thing?

A standalone installment of the thrilling Crimson Falls novella series...Do you dare to read all eight?
-Original Sin by Greta Cribbs
-The Last Dupont by Rachel Renee
-All the Dark Corners by Emerald O'Brien
-Flawed Plan by Amabel Daniels
-Returned Home by Julie Strier
-Sight in the Dark by AM Ialacci
-The Stranger in the Woods by Kiersten Modglin
-Little Girl Lost by Laurèn Lee


death at sunset pines

Olivia Torres is bored to tears living with her grandmother as a teen full-timer in an RV park. The local's gossip is her only form of entertainment until she discovers her neighbor dead in a closet at the park potluck. Now, Olivia is determined to use what she knows to figure out what happened. But which adults can she trust? And will they listen to a kid when death is on the line?